bespoke boxes

our finest boxes are works of art
With exemplar design and master craftsmanship, we have been creating bespoke boxes for three decades.  Featuring exotic woods and precious metals,  boxes chests and collection cases can be custom made for you to suit a myriad storage and presentation applications.

Peter Cook’s arcane puzzleboxes are amongst the most unique and beautiful wooden boxes in the world.  With intricate locking mechanisms and devious subterfuge,  you alone will be the keeper of secret knowledge.

marina watch case
Scarab Studio Wood Boxes
diamond Box
zephyr puzzlebox
shokotan scroll case
labyrinth puzzlebox
gold puzzlebox
stratum 2: cusp
stratum 3: zeuss puzzlebox
stratum 4: krysalis
lace caskets
woodwink puzzlebox
Scarab Studio Wood Boxes
white chest
aurora collar case
bracelet case